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If you're not a fan of making mainstream music, you'll have tons of fun picking up other types of string instruments, some of which you may have never even heard of! From the traditional fiddle and banjo to mandolins and dulcimers, you'll find them all here.


While other music stores carry only the conventional and mainstream instruments, you'll find practically all types of instruments at Music Outlet. Other instruments we have include Dobro guitars, folk harps and Chinese harps.

Delve into bluegrass music with professionally crafted folk instruments

Add color to your band

Although bands traditionally have guitars, voice and drums, you can make your band a step above the rest with the alluring sounds of the harp or dulcimer.

Some brands

• Engelhardt

• Eastman

• Deering

• Bales

• Fiddles & McSpadden

• Stelling & Weber

• Michael Kelly


Learn something new and exciting

Take a brave step and break away from traditional instruments that everyone else learns. After you choose an interesting stringed instrument from our shop, why not get yourself some lessons to properly learn it? We're always eager to assist you!

Bluegrass Instrument Types
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