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The best prices you’ll find anywhere. Huge discounts on the world’s best guitars. All with one of the world's greatest selections.

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Get back to making music

Don't discount the potential of a seemingly lifeless instrument — get a second chance out of it with repair services from Music Outlet. Save money by letting us repair your instrument instead of buying a new one.


If you've been out of the music scene for a while, this is the perfect chance to get back to your passion. Don't make any more excuses for your absence in the music world — dust off that busted guitar and let us make it as good as new again!

Bring in any instrument for repair

Our staff is expertly trained in repairing almost any type of instrument. We can repair acoustic and electric guitars, basses, fiddles, mandolins, banjos, dulcimers and Dobro guitars. Custom set-ups! We set guitars up to fit your playing style.

Banjo Repair

Some of our work

• Re-stringing

• Fret work

• Body work

• Neck adjustments

• Set-ups

• Intonation work

• Electronics and pickups

Guitar Restringing

Your instruments are in safe hands

Because instrument repair usually takes delicate work to avoid further damage, you should choose a competent shop that knows what they're doing — us! Take a look at our inventory and our repair work!