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Whether you play the banjo as a hobby or as a profession, having the best instrument possible can make all the difference in the sound you produce. Your choice of banjo to play folk or bluegrass will give your music some depth, so don't go with any old instrument.


With the knowledgeable staff of Music Outlet, you can choose the perfect banjo needed for your musical purposes. Your wallet won't suffer either — our prices are so low we can't even show them to you on here!

We are happy to answer your questions and provide instrument purchasing tips.  Besides 4-, 5-, 6-, or 12-string and parlor banjos, your choices offer various scale lengths depending on the type of music you are playing.

•Tonal woods

•Tone rings

•Banjo heads


•Scale lengths

Don't miss a beat

If your banjo has seen better days or you need a setup, just bring it into our shop and we’ll fix it up as good as new so you will never miss a beat.

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Selecting the right banjo

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